4 Days in Budapest: The Perfect Itinerary for Your First Visit

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If you have planned to visit Budapest in 4 days, let me tell you that you have come to the best place, in this travel guide I will take you to know the best destinations in the capital of Hungary.

Undoubtedly, the magic of the Hungarian capital has made thousands of tourists want to visit it every year, and it is a destination that gathers nature, urban architecture, hundreds of historical sites, and a warm treatment by its inhabitants.

Before continuing with our guide of places to see in Budapest in 4 days, you should know that this city is crossed by the Danube River, which divides the urban area into Pest, and Buda, the area of palaces, castles, and houses on hills.

At a glance:

Day 1

The Iconic Parliament of Budapest

After you get settled in your hotel and feel like going out, one of the first places to see in Budapest in 4 days is the Parliament of Budapest. This is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic sites of the city.

It is one of the most beautiful buildings of this European capital, built between 1884 and 1902.

It is the third largest parliament in the world, after Romania and Argentina. It has 691 rooms, all of which are 268 meters long and 118 meters wide.

In your visit to the parliament, you should not miss the stairs of the parliament, you access them through a red carpet, and awe-inspiring, which gives a unique view.

You can also appreciate the dome hall, where you can see the statues of the ancient kings of Hungary.

To access the parliament, I recommend you to make a guided reservation, this has a value of 20 euros.

Ethnographic Museum of Budapest

Just a few meters from the palace of Budapest, we can find the famous ethnographic museum.

In this imposing building, which was built in 1872 and served as the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, is currently one of the most emotional and historical exhibitions of the traditional culture of the Hungarian people.

Undoubtedly, the most attractive thing about this museum is that it manages to show the culture and way of life of the Hungarians, through their different ethnicities, and everything related to their way of life. It is a way to learn more about their culture, through a fun and entertaining exhibition.

The entrance to this museum has a value of 4 euros.

St. Anne’s Church

One of the churches to see in Budapest in 4 days is the St. Anne Church, is located on the banks of the Danube River.

We are talking about a building that is one of the best examples of Italian Baroque architecture in the city.

The construction began in 1740, by Kristóf Hamon, and was completed in 1762 by Mátyás Nepauer. Inside the temple you can admire beautiful paintings of the twentieth century, and others belonging to the eighteenth century.

Entrance to the church is free.

Fishermen’s Bastion

Another of the unique places to see in Budapest in 4 days is the Fishermen’s Bastion. We are talking about a viewpoint located on the hill of Buda, on the west bank of the Danube and is another of the icons of the city.

It is the perfect viewpoint to contemplate from its top, Pest in all its splendor. The construction of the fishermen’s bastion was carried out in two or three decades, finishing the work in 1902. It is a building of seven towers, these commemorate the founding tribes of the city.

Day 2

Chain Bridge

Another unique site to see in Budapest in 4 days is the popular Chain Bridge. This is the oldest bridge in the city, and the most popular bridge along the Danube.

It is one of the most seen attractions in Budapest, as we are talking about a suspension bridge over 380 meters long, and 14.8 meters wide.

It has been catalogued as the first permanent bridge built over the Danube, and of course of important commercial traffic.

It is a beautiful bridge that was started in 1839, and rebuilt by 1949. It is a bridge adorned by four wonderful sculptures of lions, and beautiful neoclassical art designs throughout its structure.

Heroes’ Square

At one end of Andrássy Avenue, you can visit the Heroes’ Square. It is one of the most important of the city, since in it you can admire the statues representing the founders and leaders of the seven tribes of Hungary.

Buda Castle

Another of the historical places to see in Budapest in 4 days is the Buda Castle although we advise you to dedicate a good time to visit it in its entirety. And is that the Buda Castle, noted for its imposing view that can be seen from the top of the hill.

Also known as Royal Palace, the Buda Castle is one of the most popular monuments in Budapest. According to history, this was the enclosure of hundreds of Hungarian kings, who lived there for a long time.

If you want to know it, it is best to do it through a guided tour that will take you to know all the streets of the citadel, at the same time they will tell you interesting stories and legends that happened within its walls.

Getting to the castle hill is easy, it will take you about 10 minutes. Once the journey is over, you will be able to appreciate the Danube, at a height of 170 meters.

Inside the castle is the Hungarian National Gallery, where you can see works from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, and the Museum of the history of Budapest, where you can learn all about Hungarian culture and history.

The tour of the gardens of the castle, and the surroundings, is free, but each museum has an individual cost.

Rudas Spa

It is one of the most beautiful and most important things to see in Budapest in 4 days. The baths of Rudas, is a thermal spa that was constructed in three epochs, in 1550 it was inaugurated, in 1566 it was extended, and for the year 1896 it was modernized.

Currently, this spa has four lateral pools with different temperatures, a sauna, and a traditional Turkish dome of 10 meters in diameter.

Day 3

St. Stephen’s Basilica

One of the unmissable religious temples to see in Budapest in 4 days is St. Stephen’s Basilica, considered the largest temple in Hungary. It has a capacity to accommodate up to 8,000 parishioners.

This building has a base of 55 meters wide, by 87 meters long, and at its height you can see a dome of 86 meters. This building, along with the parliament palace, are the highest points of the city.

It is one of the main monuments of Hungary, considered the third largest church in the country.

As for its architectural aspect, this basilica shows us a neoclassical church, with a Greek cross plan, and a facade that exhibits two large bell towers.

Jewish Synagogue

The Jewish Synagogue located in Budapest, is the second largest in the world. It is one of the must-see if you come to the capital of Hungary.

This synagogue was built between 1854 and 1859. As for its style, it is dominated by the Moorish, although there are also areas where the Gothic, Romanesque, and Byzantine style is shown.

In this synagogue you can contemplate the lamps, stained glass windows, and embossed ceilings that mix the mentioned styles.

In it we can also appreciate the Jewish Ghetto, which at one time became a concentration camp. In the surroundings of the synagogue, you can also see the Jewish Cemetery, and the tree of life, a sculpture that was built in 1991.

Budapest Opera House

Another famous place to see in Budapest in 4 days is the Budapest Opera House. This was built during the years 1875 and 1884, and was a work financed by Franz Joseph I.

The amphitheater has about 1,261 seats, and among its style maintains the Renaissance approach.

To get to know the Budapest Opera House, it is best to take a guided tour that will take you through all its facilities. You can also buy a ticket for the opera or ballet, and enjoy the performances that are shown every weekend.

Day 4

Central Market

The central market of Budapest, which opened in the nineteenth century, is the largest in the city and is another of the beautiful places to see in Budapest in 4 days. This building has an interesting history, which will force you to take a walk through it.

It was built by the architect Samu Pecz, and he was in charge of its design and erection, for the year 1897.

By 1991 the market was in ruins, and was closed to the public. Years later it was restored, and today its infrastructure is considered one of the most significant in Budapest.

It is open to the public from Monday to Saturday.

The Gellert Spa

The Gellert Spa was built in 1927, and it is located inside the hotel of the same name.

Its facilities are somewhat old, but it is still an excellent proposal for those who want a relaxing bath. Admission to the spa can be around 21.50 euros, without waiting in line.

Margarita Island

To enjoy more than 2,500 meters long, surrounded by beautiful gardens and the ruins of the convent of Santa Margarita, is this island, a public space located in the Danube River between Buda and Pest.

Within its location you can find a zoo, a swimming pool with water slides, and green areas for the enjoyment of all visitors.

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