4 Days in Ibiza: The Perfect Itinerary for Your First Visit

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If you have decided to travel to Ibiza for a few days, it is important that you visit the island with a good itinerary, in this article we will explain all the places to see in Ibiza in 4 days.

From visiting beaches, coves, touring its monuments… this island that is part of the Balearic archipelago of Spain, is a wonderful tourist destination to enjoy all year round.

Day 1

Ibiza, besides being beach, sun, sand and fun, is also a city with a lot of history, and this can be reflected by its walled complex. In this sense, we can recommend you to start your itinerary of things to see in Ibiza in 4 days in the historic center of the city, and its surroundings.

This should be the shortest route, but still essential, taking into account that the best way to get to know the island is through its natural landscapes.

Visit the marina of Ibiza
Here you will not only find luxurious yachts and numerous boats, but it is also the ideal area for those who want to enjoy the freshest gastronomy of the region.

Bars, stores, hotels and restaurants all surround the famous port to offer you a fun night out, or enjoy a wonderful sunset, sipping a cup of coffee on any of its terraces.

This port of Ibiza, located in Andenes street, has been considered one of the most modern in the whole Mediterranean. Who walks around it, will be able to live an indescribable experience, due to the magic and energy that is concentrated in this place.

Tour Dalt Vila

The “high city” of Ibiza, this is the name given to this walled enclosure that was built as a defense system against pirates and other invaders.

From the view of the hill, you can appreciate a beautiful landscape that captures the whole island, and the marina.

To tour it, I recommend you put on your comfortable shoes and walk along the steep streets that will take you to the top of the village, to appreciate the castle of Ibiza, a building of 12 towers, which together with the Almudaina, formed a fortress for the city.

Currently, these buildings are part of a tourist parador in the area.

At the same time, you can not miss the cathedral of Santa Maria de les Neus, this was built in 1235, and is currently one of the most visited buildings in the area.

The tour does not end there, you should also visit the bastions of San Pedro, San Jaime, and Santa Lucia, all built as part of the defensive system of the sixteenth century, to defend the city from the Ottomans.

Undoubtedly, it is worth taking this tour, and enjoy the alleys, staircases, and unique corners that take us back in time; as the atmosphere that can be seen in the Calle de la Conquista, and Calle Mayor. And it is that these narrow streets of the old city, are one of the most interesting activities to do in Ibiza.

Ses Salines Natural Park

One of the unmissable places to see in Ibiza in 4 days is the natural park of Ses Salines. This natural space constitutes a true Mediterranean richness, which is reflected in the ecological biodiversity that expands in the 2,838, 44 terrestrial hectares, and about 13,000 marine hectares.

Near the park you can appreciate two of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. One of them is Salinas beach, and the other is Plata Cavallet. These are islands of turquoise waters, which form a unique landscape, very relaxing.

Cala Salada and Saladeta

This route should be done before noon. From the city to the parking lot of Cala Salada and Saladeta, the trip takes about 10 minutes. They are separated by a small mountain.

Salada is a cove full of sun loungers, where you can spend a few hours relaxing, appreciating the lush vegetation that can be seen around. Passing the rocks we can appreciate the Cala Saladeta, one of the most beautiful to see in Ibiza in 4 days, and the favorite of tourists.

Coves of clear water, fine sand, and a few small houses of very attentive fishermen, who receive you with great cordiality.

Day 2

Visiting the markets of Ibiza is a must to see in Ibiza in 4 days.

There is no doubt that Ibiza is also famous for the hippie markets that are located in almost all areas of the city, and are accessible to all budgets.

One of these markets is the famous “Las Dalias”, a hippie market held every Saturday from 10: 00 am. The best hippie atmosphere of the island can be found in this popular market.

Another of the famous markets of Ibiza, is the second hand market of Sant Jordi. It is organized in the racecourse of the village of Sant Jordi, 3 kilometers from Ibiza.

In this flea market you will be able to find useless, rare and old things, from 1 euro. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous attractions for visitors to the island.

Comte Cove

Cala Comte is one of the most refreshing landscapes of Ibiza, and there is no doubt about it. A beach of appetizing waters to rest, relax, and enjoy one of the best landscapes in the area.

Why is it so famous, its fine white sands and emerald waters, have made has managed to gather numerous restaurants that not only offer exquisite cuisine, but also offer the best sunset views from their terraces.

Of course, it is important to know that the parking of this island is 200 meters from the beach, so you will be forced to make the journey through olive and juniper trees, until you reach this earthly paradise.

Benirrás Beach

Famous not only for its sunsets, but also because every Sunday the Ibicenco people organize a popular drumming that attracts hundreds of people. The beach has all the services, from sunbeds, sun loungers, and two free parking lots for 400 cars.

Benirrás beach is a cove full of charm, and this is because it is surrounded by hills and rocks, where above it you can enjoy the view of the sea, and the famous rock formation of Cap Bernat, popularly known as the “finger of God”.

In this natural paradise you can snorkel, or any other diving activity.

You can not leave this cove without enjoying the craft market that is abandoned in the vicinity of this small cliff, where you can enjoy hundreds of handmade products, by the Ibicencos themselves.

Sa Figuera Borda

On the west coast of Ibiza, appears this natural oasis, Sa Figuera de Borda, a marine corner that surprises anyone.

For the inhabitants of Ibiza, this creek is considered to be the ideal natural corner to dream, and to disconnect of any eagerness of the city. It is near Cala comte, and it is only about 75 meters long and 10 meters wide, but its small size does not limit its beauty.

It is not one of the most recommended beaches for swimming, but one of the most sought after for its wonderful view. For many, it is a secret corner of crystal clear and transparent water, showing a wonderful panorama, through a cave, and lush vegetation.

Day 3

D’en Serra Cove Ibiza

It is one of the little known coves of the island, but that does not stop making it so beautiful and charming.

We bring it to this itinerary, for being a cove of exuberant beauty, a beach of transparent water, ideal for snorkeling.

It is a virgin cove, located in the northern part of the island of Ibiza, and this is what makes it so attractive, because far from hotels, clubs and overcrowding, it is an ideal beach for those who want to disconnect from the city.

Portixol Cove

Beautiful island of cliffs, which make us enjoy the best views of Ibiza. It is one of the most lost of the island, but a perfect place for snorkeling.

It is surrounded by restaurants, lodgings and stores, to enjoy the gastronomy of the island.

Also known as Barraca cove, this beach offers a unique view, due to its immense crystalline waters, and its fishermen’s cottages, which generate magic, making it an ideal area for photography.

San Punta des Moscarter Lighthouse

If you are a lover of hiking and you have already made the respective tour of the most beautiful coves of Ibiza, then on day 3 you can leave the cove of Portixol, and enter a 20-minute walk to reach the lighthouse of Punta Moscarter.

It is at the highest point of the Balearic Islands, in a tower of 52 meters. It is a very isolated and high tower, which was built in 1978.

There are many ways to arrive to the lighthouse, but the most recommended is the one that is identified bordering the coast. It is the fastest and the safest.

Day 4

This is your last day in Ibiza, so I can recommend you to visit these places before leaving Ibiza.

Sunset in San Antonio Bay

On the last day, you can appreciate one of the best sunsets in Ibiza. Here the atmosphere is unique, as it not only shows you a better landscape, live music, and different proposals of restaurants that offer tropical cocktails, to say goodbye to the island.

Visit the historical complex Time and Space

This is a monument built in 2014 by Andree Rodgers, is near the Llenita cove and is part of the Land Art series “Rhytms of Life”. A work composed of a system of 13 columns, in 51 solid stone structures, imported on ships from Turkey.

The abandoned discotheque of the Festival Club
One of the abandoned sites in the interior of Ibiza, is the building of this discotheque, where you can see the remains of a building. In the 70’s, this place received Bob Marley.

As you will see, this is the best travel guide that will allow you to get into this Mediterranean island, to know and enjoy all the wonderful corners of Ibiza.

If you have time to spare, you can’t miss this:

How to tour Ibiza in 4 days?

There are many options for touring the island, and tour companies can offer you beautiful tours.

In the months of July and August, is where there is more influx of tourists, so the parking lots are almost always full, but don’t worry, there are motorcycle rental companies, which will allow you to explore the various coves, and mountainous areas.

If you are traveling with your family, the ideal is to rent a car. You must know that the transport in the island is not so frequent, reason why before traveling you must already have stipulated how you are going to mobilize.

And if you want to take a boat tour, you can enjoy many companies that offer this type of service, for only 12 euros.

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