4 Days in Lisbon: The Perfect Itinerary for Your First Visit

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Lisbon, coastal and mountainous, embellished by impressive architectural monuments, beautiful landscapes, and a human quality that make the capital of Portugal, a wonderful tourist destination.

If you come to the famous “city of streetcars”, and you want to visit the most interesting places, the ideal is to organize a visit of 4 to 5 days, and for this, we have prepared the best itinerary with the best places to see in Lisbon in 4 days.

Day 1

The Baixa

To get into the essence of Lisbon, the trip should start in La Baixa, a beautiful neighborhood of Portugal, known as the liveliest of the whole city.

You will walk through beautiful narrow streets, squares, restaurants, and stores of all kinds. It is the most central neighborhood that had to be rebuilt after the earthquake that left it in ruins in the eighteenth century. The Avenida de la Libertad is the most charming area of this community, its sidewalks are covered with mosaics, which form drawings in black and white.

Marques del Pombal Square

One of the interesting squares to see in Lisbon in 4 days is the Marques del Pombal Square, famous for being known as the modern center of Lisbon. It is located near the Parque Eduardo VII, at the end of Avenida da Liberdade. In the center of this square stands a monument to the Marques del Pombal, one of the most important historical figures of Portugal.

Commerce Square

The Commerce Square is one of the essential places to see in Lisbon in 4 days; this was for many decades, the gateway to the maritime trade of the city. It was built in the same space where the Royal Palace was located, before being ruined by the earthquake of 1755.

For many, Plaza Comercio is the heart of Lisbon, and besides being the nerve center of the city, it also has interesting monuments such as the Triumphal Arch of Rua, a work designed by the architect Santos de Carvalho.

And if you walk towards the center of the square, you can then appreciate the equestrian statue of José I, the Portuguese monarch who was on the throne at the time of the earthquake.

Now, if you want to admire the square in all its splendor, then try to go up to the viewpoint of the Arco da Rua Augusta, has little time of inauguration, but gives you a spectacular panoramic view. It has a terrace to spend a pleasant time.

Rossio Square

Another of the most emblematic places to see in Lisbon in 4 days is Rossio Square, located in Baixa. It is one of the most lively squares, and where you can find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and souvenir stores, and local handicrafts.

For a long time it was the stage for political and religious events. In addition, history tells that horse races, bullfights, and executions were held in this square.

In the center of the Rossio square, you will see the statue of Pedro IV of Portugal, the soldier King. It has a base of female figures, showing the king’s kindnesses.

To recharge your batteries, you have to go to the traditional Café Nicola, a literary café founded more than 200 years ago, which is popularly frequented by writers and politicians of all times.

Santa Justa elevator

Going up the Santa Justa elevator is one of the must-see experiences in Lisbon in 4 days. It is a famous elevator 45 meters high, originally known as the Elevador do Carmo. It connects the Baixa district with the Chiado district. It is one of the busiest attractions in the city.

This system opened its doors to the public on July 10, 1902, and on the day of its inauguration about 3 thousand tickets were sold. It is a work of the engineer Raoul Mesnier de Ponsard, this is a work of neo-Gothic style, with an iron structure, which was inspired by the techniques of French constructions, such as the Eiffel Tower.

At first the elevator was steam-powered, but over time engines were incorporated to improve the operation. Once you reach the terrace of the elevator, you can not only admire the wonderful panoramic view of the city, but you can also enjoy a delicious coffee on the terrace, and take a short break, disconnected from the bustle of the surroundings. The price of the ticket to go up the elevator is 5 euros.

Plaza de los restauradores

This may be one of the most sober and quiet squares than the others, but it is still an essential visit, I’ll tell you why.

Historically, this square has an important value, as it owes its name to the liberation of Portugal from the yoke of the Spanish, during the seventeenth century.

As in other squares, this one also has food places, bars and cafes in its surroundings.

In the middle of the square, you can contemplate the great obelisk, a work of António Tomás da Fonseca, which refers to the independence achieved by the restorers in 1640, thus freeing themselves from more than 70 years of oppression by the Spanish.

Likewise, the square is also contemplated by a series of important buildings, belonging to the century that date back to the 19th century, among them stands out the building of the Eden theater, which currently functions as a hotel. And the Foz palace, which is the former residence of the Marques de Foz.

Day 2

The Alfama

Another of the recommended neighborhoods to see in Lisbon in 4 days is the Alfama neighborhood. Walking through its steep streets, contemplating its peeling facades, and knowing the humble residences of the fishermen who have made life in the area, is a unique walk that will allow you to discover the essence of all of Lisbon.

The Alfama, located at the foot of the castle of St. George, is a place of refuge, an area of feelings, smells, and an indescribable atmosphere, the one of the fado, the melancholic expression of the Portuguese people.

A comfortable and beautiful option to reach the upper part of the Alfama, you can do it through the streetcar 28.

Ladra Fair

The Feria da Ladra is one of those famous improvised markets that are exalted throughout the city, and you can find it in the Alfama district.

If you come to Lisbon, you should contemplate among your travel itinerary to know this popular market, to find objects and very curious pieces, which are exposed through all the stalls.

To take home a good souvenir of Lisbon, and with very affordable prices, then the walk is vital. As a curious fact, I would like to tell you that for a long time, this market was known as a place where stolen objects were sold. Fortunately, nowadays it is not like that.

Casa dos Bicos

In the lower part of the Alfama neighborhood we find the famous Casa dos Bicos, one of the unique buildings to see in Lisbon in 4 days; so called because of its characteristic facade that was studded in stones in the shape of diamond points, or picos (bicos).

This is a former palace from the 16th century, which once belonged to the viceroy of India Alfonso de Albuquerque.

Portas do Sol Viewpoint

One of the most beautiful viewpoints to see in Lisbon in 4 days is the Portas do Sol viewpoint, one of the most frequented by tourists. It is located in the heart of the Alfama district.

There is no excuse not to visit it, because the streetcar drops you off at the stairs that give access to a breathtaking view, at the top of the viewpoint.

At the viewpoint you will find the statue of St. Vincent, the patron saint of Lisbon. This one in particular is always surrounded by crows, which make a community around the image.

In the vicinity of the viewpoint you can enjoy a coffee, a good wine, or a delicious cake, in a bohemian restaurant that is located throughout the terrace. All this while enjoying the street musicians, who usually entertain the view.

St. George’s Castle

St. George’s Castle is another of the most emblematic buildings to see in Lisbon in 4 days. In it you can have a good view, and touring it is an unparalleled experience.

A castle with more than 8 centuries of history, which stands out among the highest alleys on the top of the highest hill in Lisbon.

This fortress was built in the 5th century by the Visigoths, and then completed by the Arabs in the 9th century.

Once inside the castle, you can admire some 11 towers, where you can see the parade ground, the dungeons, and the Moniz Gate.

In addition, you can visit the guided tour of the archaeological site, where the different periods of history are illustrated, from the first settlements of the castle, to the Islamic period.

The best thing about the visit to the castle is that the guides will take you to every corner, telling you a story that you can hear in different languages.

Lisbon Cathedral

One of the most beautiful religious temples to see in Lisbon in 4 days is its Cathedral. It is one of the few monuments that remained standing after earthquakes and fires that prevailed in the city.

Its imposing Romanesque style is maintained between its facades and some details in its internal structure, although its construction work dates back to the twelfth century.

The interior of the facade is darker, and austere; it is Gothic in style, and houses the remains of St. Vincent, the patron saint of the city.

Finally, you cannot leave the facade without first admiring the cloister. It represents a style similar to that of the Hieronymites Monastery.

Hieronymites Monastery

It has been certified as a World Heritage Site, and no wonder. The Hieronymites Monastery is one of the works that maintain the examples of Manueline architecture in Portugal. It was thanks to the order of Manuel I that work began on the building to commemorate the return of India de Vasco de Gama.

25th of April Bridge

Another unique and essential site to see in Lisbon in 4 days is the famous 25th of April Bridge. It is the highest suspension bridge in Europe, and was so named because on that same date, in 1974, Portugal achieved democracy.

Before crossing this bridge, you should know that this is an iron structure bridge, which stretches about two kilometers and about 70 meters above the Tagus estuary.

Day 3


On our third day in the city, we can start with a tour of the Belém neighborhood.

Those who come and stroll through its streets, know its viewpoints, or contemplate its most hidden corners, will have an idea of how it was that Golden Age, where the Portuguese ships undertook new journeys in search of new discoveries.

The ideal is to start the tour very early, it is not a neighborhood that is centrally located, however access is easy, you just have to get there by streetcar 15, or bus 728.

Monument to the Discoveries

In the middle of the Belém neighborhood, there is one of the recommended monuments to see in Lisbon in 4 days, the Monument to the Discoveries. It was built to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Henry the Navigator.

The monument, with 52 meters high, is one of the things to see in the city. It was built under the guidance of famous sculptors such as Leopoldo Almeida, and architect José Angel Cottinelli Telmo.

Inside the monument you can see the basement, where you can admire an exhibition hall. You can also climb to the top floor, and see a viewpoint whose views are worth it, to have the best panoramic view of the Jerónimos Monastery, and the Christ the King of Lisbon.

Christ the King

The Christ the King of Lisbon is an image of more than 28 meters high, which welcomes us with open arms. This work was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro.

As for its construction we can say that this work dates back to 1934, and the work was completed in the 50s. This work symbolizes peace and gratitude to God for having kept Portugal out of the ravages of World War II.

The elevator will take you to the top of the Christ, and from there you can admire the panoramic view of the 25 de Abril bridge.

Belém Tower

Another of the most historic buildings to see in Lisbon in 4 days is the Belém Tower. This tower has been declared a World Heritage Site. It is located on the old Restelo beach, the place where the caravels were distributed in their expeditions to other continents.

The tower was originally built as a fortress, at the entrance to the port across the Tagus. Over the years, the defensive effect was left aside, and it began to be used as a tax collection center, and later functioned as a prison.

In the middle of this work you can see the great Arab influence that stood out in the decoration of the arches, balconies, and the dome of the tower.

Its structure is very unique, in it you can see two main elements that are the tower and the bastion. It is organized in five floors, one of them is the Governor’s Hall, the Kings’ Hall, and an audience hall. On the fourth floor there is a chapel, and on the top floor is the terrace.

Undoubtedly, you cannot leave Belém and you cannot leave Lisbon without contemplating this tower.

Day 4


To get to know the most bohemian area of Lisbon, you must set aside a day to visit the Chiado neighborhood. We have left it as one of the most relaxing activities to do on the last day.

It is an area full of cafes, stores, and a great cultural life, because in its surroundings you will see many museums, which you can enter and enjoy.

It is the place of gatherings, very crowded by poets and writers, who through a coffee, or a good wine, express close talks grounded in history, literature, or simple things of everyday life.

It is necessary to say that Chiado is one of the most commercial areas of the city, because here you can appreciate different franchises of brands, and hundreds of stalls, where the best handicraft products are sold.

If you come with time, locate the store A Vida Portuguesa, here you will find the most famous Portuguese whims, decorative objects, fabrics, retro toys, and bars of natural soap. If you really want to take home a good souvenir, then your stop is here, in the Chiado neighborhood.

Carmo Convent

Within the Chiado neighborhood itself, you should make a stop at the Convento do Carmo. Here you can find a small archaeological museum.

At the entrance, you will see high arches that attract attention for its dimensions, and because although it is in ruins, this was the most important Gothic temple in Lisbon, until the earthquake of 1755 ended with this work.

Park of the Nations

And finally, one of the most recommended parks to see in Lisbon in 4 days is the famous Park of Nations. A neighborhood of futuristic air, which was the scene of the Universal Exhibition in 1998.

In the Park of Nations in Lisbon, you can appreciate the second largest aquarium in Europe, known as the Lisbon Oceanarium. You will also find the Vasco de Gama Tower, and the Vasco de Gama Bridge, which is at least 18 kilometers long, known as the longest in Europe.

As you will see, in this list we have added the most essential places to see in Lisbon, in a 4-day trip.

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