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Nicknamed the Tacita de plata, Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Located in the Spanish municipality of Andalusia, it is a city with beautiful beaches, where Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs have paraded throughout its 3,000 years of existence.

It is known with certainty that the neighborhood of El Pópulo is the oldest of the Old Continent (it is famous the saying Eres más viejo que el Pópulo), with beautiful little streets through which you can reach the Old Cathedral or the Church of Santa Cruz.

Under this ground were found the archaeological remains of the second largest and oldest Roman theater built in Europe. In these lines we will tell you which are the best areas to stay in Cadiz and the secrets to find the best rated hotels in the city.

Best places to stay in Cadiz

El Pópulo neighborhood

Cadiz is one of the most complete tourist destinations in Andalusia. Not only its beaches are very beautiful (between June and September the weather is ideal to enjoy them) but also its old town is fascinating. Undoubtedly the best area to stay in Cadiz is the historic center, where most of the accommodation is concentrated, although you can also opt for the area of Playa de La Victoria.

Just keep in mind that Cadiz does not have as many hotel rooms as other tourist destinations in the region; therefore, it is important to make reservations in advance, especially if you want to travel during the summer or during the Carnival season, which takes place during the first week of June and is really spectacular.

Accommodations range from boutique hotels to resorts, hostels and rental apartments. To get an idea of prices, a double room in a four-star hotel costs around 120€ per night during the high season, although that rate can be halved in the low season.

In the specific case of El Pópulo neighborhood, in the heart of the historic center, it has a special charm to stay here because -as we said- it is the oldest neighborhood in Europe. At every step you can discover the archaeological remains of a Roman city, since Cadiz became the second most important urban center of that Empire, rivaling even Padua and Rome.

Those staying in El Pópulo (also called Barrio de la Catedral) will be close to the beautiful Cathedral of Cadiz, built from 1722, and the Roman Theater of Cadiz, which dates back to the first century BC.

This area can be covered entirely on foot and, in addition to having accommodations of all types and prices, is very well connected with the rest of the city. In addition, in the Barrio del Pópulo and its neighboring neighborhood of La Candelaria are located the best tapas bars in Cadiz.

La Viña and La Caleta

In the southeast of the historic center, next to the Caleta Beach, is located another interesting neighborhood where to stay in Cadiz as is the neighborhood of La Viña. This area is known for concentrating taverns and restaurants and tapas bars with lots of atmosphere, in the streets Virgen de la Palma and Corralón de los Carros.

Lovers of Andalusian gastronomy will be delighted with the fried fish or the epic shrimp omelettes, always accompanied by a good sherry wine. La Viña is a very vibrant place, with narrow streets, ideal to stay during Carnival, because the whole neighborhood dresses in colors and summons musicians and artists.

As for La Caleta, it is a small beach that, in its surroundings, has several attractions worth visiting, such as the Balneario de Nuestra Señora de la Palma y del Real, and the Castillo de San Sebastián. On the other hand, La Viña has a wide range of tourist rental apartments, in different price ranges.

Falla, Balón and San Felipe Neri

These three neighborhoods of the historic center of Cadiz make up the most commercial part of the city, around the Plaza de las Flores and the lively Central Market (famous for its fresh fish stalls). It is an area with a very large offer of tourist rental apartments to stay in Cadiz.

The main attractions in the area of Falla, Balón and San Felipe Neri are the Tavira Tower, the Gran Teatro Falla and the Church of the Oratorio de San Felipe Neri. It is worth mentioning that in the area of Plaza de las Flores there are plenty of tapas bars and restaurants.

Santa María de Cádiz

This neighborhood unfolds to the east of El Pópulo and has several attractions, such as the Casa de Iberoamérica, the Walls of Puerta Tierra, the Plaza de la Constitución and the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, where the old tobacco factory used to operate. It is one of the best areas to stay in Cadiz, as it is located near the port and next to the train station. In addition, it has as an attraction the beautiful beach of Santa Maria del Mar.

Victoria Beach

With an extension of about three kilometers (and 200 meters wide), Playa de la Victoria is known to be one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Europe. In addition, it has a very busy promenade, where restaurants, stores and lodgings are located.

In this area you can find excellent hotels in the category of three and four stars, as well as luxury apartments for rent. A word of advice: it is important to book in advance because during the summer the accommodations are sold out very quickly. It should be noted that the area is very well connected to the historic center of Cadiz and that is why it is one of the recommended areas to stay in Cadiz.

Where to stay in Cadiz for less than 150€ per night?

Palacete de la Alameda

At number 23 Vea Murguia street is located this elegant accommodation, rated Fantastic on Booking and with reviews for 9.2 points. The Palacete de La Alameda is an adults-only accommodation located just 1 km from La Caleta beach and 6 km from Victoria beach. The reviews highlight the kindness of its owner, Carmen, always attentive to every detail.

The Genovés Park is 600 meters from the accommodation and the Museum of Cadiz is only 300 meters away. It should be noted that several of the units have a balcony and some have a kitchen equipped with dishwasher, air conditioning and living areas with flat-screen TV. The rate for the Palacete de la Alameda is 117€ per night, including taxes and fees.

La Sal by Pilow

“New, modern, with spacious and bright rooms”. Those are some of the comments Booking users made about La Sal by Pilow, an accommodation located 800 meters from La Caleta beach, 4.2 km from Victoria beach and 200 meters from Cadiz Cathedral and Tavira Tower.

The property is close to places of interest such as the Casa de las Cadenas, the Plaza de Fray Felix and the Roman Theater of Cadiz. Its rate is 135€ per night and its Booking ratings touch 9 points.

Boutique Hotel Convento Cádiz

One of the recommended hotels to stay in Cadiz is the Boutique Convento Cadiz, the experience of sleeping in a 17th century convent is priceless. This accommodation is located just 9 minutes walk from the beach and has very good reviews on Booking (8.8 points). The Hotel Boutique Convento Cádiz has a beautiful interior courtyard and preserves its original design with beautiful arches, baroque marble pieces and decorated stonework.

The building, dating from 1635, belongs to the Dominican order and there are still monks living in the building. The convent houses a church, cloisters and a chapel. There is a good selection of restaurants and tapas bars on the hotel’s street; Cádiz’s promenade, harbor and beach are just a 5-minute walk from the Convento Cádiz. The rate is 129€ per night.

Hotel Alquimia Cadiz

In an 18th-century building in the historic center of Cádiz, just over a 10-minute walk from La Caleta Beach, is this establishment, which has good ratings on Booking (8.7 points). Hotel Alquimia Cádiz features an Andalusian patio and a splendid terrace overlooking the bay.

The Alquimia Cadiz is a 5-minute walk from several bars and restaurants in the historic center, and just 100 meters from the Museum of Cadiz. Its rate expresses a great value for money that makes it one of the best options where to stay in Cadiz, according to Booking users themselves; it amounts to 101€ per night, taxes and charges included.

Where to stay in Cadiz between 150€ and 250€ per night?

Plaza Mina Suites

It’s hard to beat the ratings for this accommodation on Booking (9.4 points). Booking users praise the extra-large, comfortable and bright rooms at Plaza Mina Suites. This four-star is located a 15-minute walk from La Caleta Beach and a 20-minute walk from Santa Maria del Mar.

The Plaza Mina Suites is an aparthotel with a nice terrace, consisting of well-equipped accommodations, including dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, kettle and coffee maker. Very close to the complex are located the Genoves Park, the Plaza San Antonio and the Museum of Cadiz. The rate is 185€ per night.

Hotel Casa de las Cuatro Torres

This accommodation is located in the historic center of Cadiz and has excellent ratings on Booking (9 points). The Hotel Casa de las Cuatro Torres is located 5 km from the Victoria Beach, very close to places of interest such as the Plaza de España and the Monument to the Constitution (just 300 meters from the hotel).

Its rooms have designer touches and a very special decoration, with a very cozy terrace. As the Casa de las Cuatro Torres is surrounded by green spaces, it is a very good area to rent bicycles, a service provided by the hotel. The rate is 243€ per night.

Hotel Cádiz Paseo del Mar (Meliá)

This is undoubtedly one of the best hotels to stay in Cadiz in the area of Playa de la Victoria. The Cádiz Paseo del Mar, Affiliated by Meliá Hotel is located right on the beach, 2.5 kilometers from the center of Cádiz. It offers elegant and spacious rooms with modern décor, and an excellent restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, called La Caleta. Its Booking ratings are very good (8.4 points) and its rate is 201€ per night, including breakfast.

Hotel Monte Puertatierra

One of the four-star recommended places to stay in Cadiz in the Santa Maria del Mar beach area is the Hotel Monte Puertatierra, a 20-minute walk from the center of Cadiz. The Monte Puertatierra has cozy rooms with wooden floors, and its breakfast — highly praised in Booking — serves fresh natural products.

The Puertatierra is a 10-minute walk from Puerta de Tierra, the entrance to Cadiz’s historic center. Guests can also walk to the Cathedral, the Tavira Tower and the Gran Teatro Falla. Its Booking ratings reach 9 points and its rate reaches 204€ per night.

Hotel de Francia y París

Located in the Plaza de San Francisco, 500 meters from the port of Cadiz and a 15-minute walk from the beach, this three-star hotel is an excellent option where to stay in Cadiz. Its rooms are very modern and receive many compliments on Booking, with an overall rating of 8.3 points.

The Hotel de Francia y París is located in the city center, very close to stores, bars and restaurants. In addition, the Archaeological Museum, the Church of San Felipe and the Convent of San Francisco, dating from the sixteenth century, are located just 5 minutes walk from the property. The rate is 205€ per night.

Hotel Playa Victoria

A privileged location on the Playa de la Victoria beach, 3 kilometers from the center of Cadiz, makes this hotel a great option to stay in Cadiz for those looking for total tranquility (without being so far from the historic center). The Playa Victoria Hotel has a huge outdoor swimming pool and rooms with terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the advantages of this accommodation is that guests can access the beach directly from the hotel. Also worth a mention is its elegant restaurant, which serves signature Mediterranean cuisine. Its Booking ratings average 8.4 points and its rate is 234€ per night.

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