Where to stay in Bali

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Few beaches in the world are as paradisiacal as those found on the island of Bali, one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. With its capital in Denpasar, where a little more than half a million people live, Bali offers fantastic natural scenery, with volcanoes, extensive rice fields and magnificent temples.

Some of the maximum attractions of the called Island of the Gods are: the beaches of Jimbaran and Palang Palang, the temples of Ulun Danu Bratan and Pura Tanah Lot, and the infinite rice fields of Tegalalang.

In this article, we will also tell you where to lodge in Bali and which are the best zones of the island.

Best places to stay in Bali:


Where to stay in Bali

Before recommending the best zones where to lodge in Bali, it is worth clarifying that the prices of the lodging in the island are not elevated for pockets in euros or dollars.

In spite of the fact that it is the most expensive destination of Indonesia, the values of hotels and resorts are very accessible: it is possible to spend the night in a 4 stars – with qualifications superior to 9 points in Booking – to tariffs that are around $50 the night, in certain months of the year (for example, in the paradisiacal beach of Seminyak).

Also it is due to consider that the prices of the hotels increase during the high season, which in Bali coincides with the months of the dry season, between May and October, when the temperatures are high and few precipitations are registered in all Indonesia.

Having said this, Seminyak is one of the best zones where to lodge in Bali. It is the southwestern part of the island, in a privileged natural environment, where it is possible to find lodgings with different ranges of prices (from the average range to the super luxury of the resorts).

Many choose to stay in Seminyak because it attracts all types of people: couples, young people, senior citizens and families. To this they add its exuberant beaches and a nocturnal life quite more sophisticated than in the rest of Bali. Tranquility and amusement enter in perfect balance in this part of the island.

Kuta and Legian

Where to stay in Bali

The zone of Kuta and Legian, in the southeast of Bali, is without doubts the most developed area of the island. All the profiles of tourists converge in these beaches, from backpackers to surfers and adepts to the most unbridled nocturnal life (Kuta Beach is famous by its endless parties in the Legian Street).

In this part of Bali, everything is agitation and bustle: the alleys are crammed with restaurants, stores and discotheques, and the traffic becomes chaotic.

It is a zone that offers lodgings of all type, ideal for very tight pockets reason why if you are looking for some days of debauchery, this it is the best zone where to lodge in Bali.

The lodgings to low price multiply in the narrow streets, although also luxury resorts can be found. If what you look for is tranquility, Kuta and Legian are not for you.


Where to stay in Bali

To one hour in car from Kuta is another one of the recommended zones where to lodge in Bali, Ubud. This zone is perfect for those who look for the mountainous facet of Bali and, fundamentally, they want to be near the temples.

The town of Ubud is nailed in a paradise of rice fields, valleys and cascades, and it breathes the deepest of the Balinese spirituality (who does not find peace in Ubud will not find it in any other side).

For many, it is the cultural and artistic heart of Bali, with the temple of Saraswati like maximum attractiveness.

Here you can find lodgings for backpackers for few dollars and also some hotels of luxury (of great hotel chains) nailed in the middle of the nature.


Where to stay in Bali

Surfers from all over the world will find in Uluwatu their place on earth (or rather in the sea).

This area, located between Nusa Dua and Jimbaran, is also chosen by couples who come to spend their honeymoon in the new luxury resorts that landed here a few years ago.

However, most of the lodging options in Uluwatu are aimed at backpackers and surfers. Undoubtedly, it is the recommended place to stay in Bali if what you want is to surf.


Where to stay in Bali

Jimbaran is considered one of the best beaches of Bali and of course it is another of the places where to lodge in Bali.

This town of fishermen, where the best fresh seafood of the island is eaten, is a calm place, without nocturnal life, where the main enjoyment is the beach and the sea.

As for the lodging, you can find as much economic options as resorts of super luxury (such it is the case of the InterContinental Bali Resort & Spa and the Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay.

Nusa Dua

Where to stay in Bali

Nusa Dua is the portion of the island that concentrates more resorts of luxury by square kilometer. Here the big hotel chains settled in the beginning, in an area of incredible beaches.

It is, without doubts, the best place where to lodge in Bali if you want to spend the vacations lying down in a hammock (ideal for couples in their honeymoon), watching the crystalline sea and without leaving the hotel.

The only disadvantage is that it is a totally isolated zone of the temples and, therefore, of the spiritual wealth of the Balinese culture.


Where to stay in Bali

Sanur is in the east part of Bali and is one of the calmest zones to lodge in the island (in the antipodes of Kuta Beach).

Their beaches are beautiful and apt for the practice of nautical sports of all class. The values of the lodgings are varied, with a very good relation quality-price in the hotels of average and high range.

Now that you already know all the zones where to lodge in Bali, it is hour that we recommend you some of the best hotels.


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