Barcelona Travel Guide by Locals

Barcelona Travel Guide by Locals

When to go, Where to stay, and What to do

Barcelona is our city and we love to share with you everything we discover about it. In this guide you will find everything you need to know to visit Barcelona, such as when it is free to visit museums or exhibitions, the Modernism Route, charming places, when to go, where to stay and what to do… We will also suggest excursions and getaways that can be done from Barcelona.

At a glance:

  • You will be fine speaking in English, most people know the basics to indicate you were to go or ordering at restaurants.
  • You can’t use Uber in Barcelona right now, download the app Cabify instead. You might need to wait 15 minutes the first time to use the app to ask for ride (it’s part of the deal with the taxi drivers in Barcelona). With Cabify you can also use rent for minutes an electric motorbike.
  • Avoid ATM next to Souvenir places, instead go to the main streets and look for a real Bank. You will get less fees and overcharged from evil companies. Most hotels, restaurants, and smaller retailers will accept Mastercard and Visa. There is no need to get cash from an ATM.
  • The weather is mild even in winter, just bring a light jacket in Autumn and a bigger coat in the Winter. In Barcelona you will experience more rainy days, usually last a morning or few hours.

What is the best time of the year to travel to Barcelona?

Traveling to Barcelona is always a good idea, no matter what time of the year. The weather in Barcelona is always pleasant and you will have no inconveniences for your excursions. However, the weather is fundamental to organize your getaway to the city of Gaudi.

It is clear that if your goal is to have a good tan to show it off during the winter months, you should go in summer. On the other hand, the ideal months to travel to Barcelona and enjoy any kind of plan are April, May, June and September.

Why are these months the best to travel to Barcelona? In this way, we will not have the heat of the months of July and August, when temperatures are at their highest. Thus, in addition to going to the beach, we will be able to get to know the city and organize excursions without any problems caused by the weather.

In short, the weather in Barcelona will accompany you almost all year round so you can enjoy a city full of attractions. In any case, if the heat gets too hot, you can always take the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean waters. And if it’s cold or rainy, remember that Barcelona has magnificent museums.

To start planning your trip to Barcelona

Accommodation: In Barcelona there are many areas that we believe are good places to stay. As we live in Barcelona we have not stayed in many accommodations in our city. Only one year-end we stayed in an apartment with some friends. It is called BcnStop Parc Güell and has very good communication with the city center.

How to get from the airport to Barcelona

Barcelona can be reached from three airports: Barcelona – El Prat, Girona Costa Brava and Reus.

The closest airport is Barcelona-El Prat airport which is located 15-20km from the city center.

If you want detailed information on how to get there by public transport you can read the following page where we explain how to get from Barcelona to the airports of Reus, Girona Costa Brava and Barcelona-El Prat.

Transportation in Barcelona

Public transport in Barcelona is very good, and one of the best ways to move around the city. We also like to walk around neighborhoods such as the Born, the Gothic or Gracia, as they are neighborhoods with many pedestrian-only streets and you can stroll quietly.

If you decide to take public transport, the transport ticket in Barcelona is integrated. Both metro and train as well as streetcars, buses and trains can be taken with the same transport card (in the case of trains and railroads you will have to look at the zone you want to go and buy one according to the zone number). Except with single tickets you can transfer from one transport to another, as long as it is a different type of transport, during 1h and 15min from the validation.

We recommend you to buy the HolaBCN! or T-10 day cards (10 tickets in one card) depending on the trips you have to make. We do not recommend single tickets because they are more expensive and, as we have already said, you can not transfer.

What to see in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city that has a lot to see and we love living in this city because we always have new places to discover. In the blog you can read many posts about our beautiful city. If you want to know our 10 must-see places in Barcelona, which by the way we had a hard time choosing, click on the link.

Places to go with children in Barcelona

If what you want to do are visits with your children, here are some of the entries we have on the subject:

Barcelona Modernism Route

Barcelona, Modernism and Gaudi are 3 words that you will not stop reading when you consult a guide of Barcelona. You can’t leave Barcelona without visiting some of these sites of the Modernism Route.

Tips for visiting Barcelona

  • Avoid taking single tickets, they do not allow transfers and are very expensive. You can read our post about public transport in Barcelona to learn more about how it works and what are the best ticket options.
  • It is not necessary to take an accommodation in the center of Barcelona. There are neighborhoods that are a little further away but in 10 minutes by metro or train you can be in the center and it will be cheaper for sure. If you have any doubts about where to take the accommodation you can send us a message on Facebook or send us an email.
  • On weekends and especially at the beginning of the month we find a wide variety of free museums. Have a look at our post about free museums in Barcelona.
  • If you travel in summer, the beaches of Barcelona are usually a bad option. They are very dirty and crowded. For the same price of zone 1 you can take the suburban train and go to Mongat Nord. It is less crowded and much cleaner.
  • If you plan to stay many days, we recommend you to do some excursions.

How is the weather in Barcelona according to the season of the year?

Barcelona gives us at almost all times of the year a pleasant temperature. Thanks to its geographical location, i.e. the Mediterranean coast, the city enjoys good weather almost all year round. Thus, in Barcelona summers are relatively dry and winters are mild and humid.


Barcelona is always a good destination at any time of the year. And the truth is that September is one of the best months to travel to Barcelona. In this city and in this month the temperature is very pleasant to make any kind of excursion.

However, from October onwards the temperature drops. Therefore, October and November can have rainy days, although the cold is moderate. However, we can still find and enjoy sunny days.


In the winter months, the temperature in the city is not usually extremely cold. Although it is true that clouds will cover the sky more often than in the rest of the year. However, rain is not usually present on a regular basis and snow is very rare.

Among all the winter months, if we talk about cold, January takes the lead. Therefore, if you are a very cold person, January will not be the best month for you.


When spring begins to appear, in Barcelona the sun starts to come out with the intention of staying. We will never find extreme heat at this time of the year. A pleasant temperature will welcome us during the spring months.

In fact, the best months to travel to Barcelona are April, May and June. The sun will make us start to bring out our sunscreen and our desire to stroll along the Ramblas of Barcelona.


The heat begins and the desire to go to the beach and put on our bathing suits. The summer months are ideal for traveling to Barcelona if you want to enjoy the good atmosphere of the terraces and beach bars. Also if you want to take the opportunity to go to the beach.

The weather in Barcelona during the summer is not usually extremely humid. On the other hand, the temperature oscillates between 20º C and 30º C. In addition, it is practically impossible to have complications due to bad weather in Barcelona at this time of the year.

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