4 Days in Amsterdam: The Perfect Itinerary for Your First Visit

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Have you thought about coming to Amsterdam and don’t know what to visit, well welcome, in this travel guide we will put at your disposal, the most fascinating places to see in Amsterdam in 4 days.

Known for its architectural value, for its elaborate canals, for its cultural diversity, and for its wide range of entertainment, Amsterdam is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe.

At a glance:

Discover everything you can enjoy in this city in a 4-day trip.

Day 1

Rijksmuseum (National Museum)

One of the recommended museums to see in Amsterdam in 4 days is the Rijkmuseum. It is known as the best museum in Holland, and no wonder, because the Rijksmuseum preserves among its collections, a wide selection of paintings of the Dutch Golden Age.

There are about 7 million works that you can see inside this museum, but among the most outstanding are the Round of the Night, or known as the Rembrandt painting.

It is one of the largest works, painted between 1640 and 1642, where you can admire the vision of the Dutch militia. Of Frans Hals, the painting “Joyful Drinker” stands out, a work created between 1627 and 1628. The entrance fee is 20 euros.

Van Gogh Museum

Another of the recommended museums to see in Amsterdam in 4 days is the Van Gogh Museum, the second most visited museum in Amsterdam. Its infrastructure was converted into a modern house, you can find more than 200 paintings of the master Vincent Van Gogh.

To pay tribute to this greatest exponent of painting, you will find in the first room, an exhibition full of the artist’s history, exposed painting by painting. In addition, the museum also preserves at least 500 drawings and letters of the painter.

Best of all, in this visit you will find the paintings arranged in chronological order, so you can visualize the evolution of the artist, from country scenes to the stormy final moments of his life.

Visit the canals

This Dutch city has more than 1,000 bridges and 75 kilometers of canals. This great river system is one of the great attractions to see in Amsterdam in 4 days, and of course, a tour that you should add to your tourist itinerary.

You will be able to observe how hundreds of families live in more than 2,500 houseboats.

The ideal will be to make this tour on a boat ride, which you can locate through the different tour companies, which include transfers with lunch, dinner and open bar.

Leidseplein Square

Another of the great attractions that you can see in Amsterdam in 4 days are those that are near the Leidseplein Square, one of the most affluent of the city.

Here you will see the face of multicultural Amsterdam, as it is the epicenter for street artists from different areas to show their kind of art. From mimes, musicians, painters, jugglers, magicians, or fire eaters, is part of what you can see in this square.

In addition to that, near its locations there is a wide range of offers in stores, bars and restaurants.

Day 2

Oude Kerk

Also known as the Old Church, this building of gothic design, is one of the oldest churches to see in Amsterdam in 4 days, built in 1302, and expanded several times, until it became what it is today, a great “gothic basilica”.

The interior is pronounced by a huge wooden vaulted ceiling, where some 15th century paintings are preserved, with beautiful stained glass windows of precious stones, which remain intact.

Red Light District

The Red Light District of Amsterdam is one of the most famous neighborhoods to see in Amsterdam in 4 days. You can’t leave the city without visiting it first.

This area is known for its hundreds of bars and “storefronts”, where women provide prostitution services, considering that within Holland, this activity is legal.

The Red Light District is one of the areas of Amsterdam where you can appreciate a festive atmosphere, beer, and sex shops. It is a very safe place, so you can come with confidence; just remember that it is forbidden to take pictures of prostitutes.

Dam Square

In the Red Light District, a few meters away, you can find another of the beautiful squares to see in Amsterdam in 4 days, Dam Square. This is considered the center and heart of the city, and one of the most recommended historical sites to visit.

In 1808, this square was the reception area for Napoleon and his troops during the capture of the city.

In the center of the square, we can appreciate the National Monument, this is an obelisk of 22 meters high, which was built in tribute to the Dutch soldiers, fallen in World War II.

It is considered the meeting point for the citizens of Amsterdam.

Also, in this square we can see the beautiful Royal Palace, built between 1648 and 1655. This is based on a neoclassical style, and has a very beautiful structure. It was part of the seat of the town hall, and now only functions as a space for official public events.

Nieuwe Kerk

Near Dam Square, is one of the most important buildings to see in Amsterdam in 4 days, the Nieuwe Kerk, the new church that is pronounced by its pointed arches, and its huge stained glass windows.

It is one of the most historic, because in this building were witnessed great royal weddings, and the coronation of the Dutch monarchs, since 1814.

Anne Frank House

As part of your second day in the city, you should take a tour of Anne Frank’s house. Without a doubt, it is one of the most historic buildings to see in Amsterdam in 4 days.

When you visit Anne Frank’s house, you will be able to understand all the details that happened in the rooms of the house, and relive the time when Jews were persecuted during World War II.

The entrance fee for the tour is 14 euros.

Spui Square

As one of the most relaxing activities you can do in the city, you can enjoy a good coffee, read a book, or simply relax on one of the benches around the Spui Square.

Besides that, you can also visit the markets around the square for all kinds of literary and artistic works.

Day 3

Amsterdam Historical Museum

Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of the city are its museums, in this aspect you can not leave Amsterdam without seeing the wonderful exhibition that explains the evolution of the city.

Since 1975 this museum has a gallery of paintings, drawings, and models that explain about the construction of houses and other historical events.

Admission to the museum is 15 euros.

Flower market

One of the favorite places for tourists and locals to see in Amsterdam in 4 days is the Flower Market. In this beautiful market you can see and buy tulips, bulbs, or any kind of flower, or seed you want.


Another place that you can leave for the third day, is this modern structure that emerges from the water, and is part of the science museum NEMO.

This museum was inaugurated in 1997, and in addition to its impressive infrastructure, we can find 5 floors full of interactive exhibits.

Located in the old docks of the city, here you can see rooms dedicated to the exhibition of the human body and the mind.

Museum of Resistance

Another highly recommended museum to see in Amsterdam in 4 days is the Resistance Museum. The museum narrates all the events that occurred during the five years of Nazi oppression during the Second World War.

The exhibition can be appreciated through a very entertaining narration, while observing the objects, photos, and letters of the time.

It is one of the best documented museums, which shows us how the Dutch resistance was and helps us to understand how the Nazi invasion was lived.

The Albert Cuyp Market

In addition to the flower market, another of the street markets to see in Amsterdam in 4 days is the Albert Cuyp. It is located in the center of the De Pijp district, and is considered the perfect place to get to know perfectly the Dutch way of life.

For those who want to know the people of the city, the way of life, and also want to take some souvenirs, then the ideal is to mingle among the streets of this market.

The Botanical Garden

This was inaugurated in 1683, and is part of the attractions to see in Amsterdam in 4 days. This is because they have impressive structures, including a glass dome, and the seed house of the colonial era, with more than 4,000 species, which will make you hallucinate with so many plants.

It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. And if that were not enough, there is a butterfly house, very curious and attractive for children.

Tulip garden

It is a garden located in the town of Lisse, about an hour from the center of Amsterdam. This park has an area of 32 hectares, and has an impressive collection of flowers, with an environment decorated with lakes, fountains and windmills.

If you come in good time, you can make a note in your itinerary to visit this garden, especially in March and late May, when it is in full bloom.

Day 4


For lovers of nature and outdoor activities, this is one of the largest parks to see in Amsterdam in 4 days. It is an ideal place to hike, ride a bike, or share a picnic with the family.

This park has about 470,000 square meters, home to hundreds of plant species, and small animals capable of attracting the visit of many people.

It is perfect for a good break in your tour.


For contemporary art lovers, the must visit should be in the boutique museum, founded in 2016. Here you will be able to see Banksy’s works, and unique pieces, which have been kept on site.

As you will see, these are the main attractions you can visit in the city, in a 4-day tour.

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