Where to stay in Sardinia

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With more than 2,000 kilometers of beaches and a mountainous interior, Sardinia is a large Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Those who have visited Sardinia know that its beaches of crystal-clear waters, with as many shades of blue as the human eye can capture, have nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean.

But, in addition to its coasts, its rugged relief offers beautiful mountain villages, where time seems to have stopped decades ago.

With a population of 1.6 million people and its capital in Cagliari, this destination has attractions such as the magical medieval village of Castelsardo, the Grotta di Nettuno (an incredible natural cave over a kilometer long) and dreamy coves in the lunar landscape of Capo Testa.

In this article we will tell you where to stay in Sardinia and which are the areas to find the best value for money in hotels.

Best places to stay in Sardinia


Where to stay in Sardinia

The accommodation options in Sardinia are enormous. It is estimated that in total there are about 15,000 accommodations of all kinds, from hostels for 20€ a night to luxury hotels that easily exceed 500€ a night. Either way, one of the best places to stay in Sardinia is Cagliari, the island’s capital.

Cagliari is a vibrant city, with a very rich historical heritage – the fascinating Castle of San Michele and the incredible Roman Amphitheater stand out – to which is added a wide range of leisure options, from shopping to the best restaurants on the island (the second largest in the Mediterranean) and an always active nightlife.

Staying in this city is a very good choice to be close to the beaches of southern Sardinia, such as the beautiful Regina cove and the beaches of Villasimius, Solanas and di Mari Pintau.

In addition to the Castle of San Michele and the Amphitheater, it is worth visiting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria, the Torre dell’Elefante, the harbor and the surrounding Marina (near Poetto Beach, one of the most recommended areas to look for a hotel).


Another of the most interesting areas to stay in Sardinia is Olbia. This area, located in the northeast of Sardinia, is one of the most chosen by families and travelers looking for total relaxation. It is a very popular destination and is very well connected to the rest of the island.

Just half an hour’s drive away are the fantastic beaches of Costa Smeralda, one of the most glamorous places in Sardinia. Also in the northeast is the island of Magdalena, a true paradise on earth.

Olbia not only has an interesting nightlife, good restaurants and shopping, but also has some historical attractions, such as the Basilica-Cathedral of San Simplicio -dating from the 11th century-, a necropolis from the Roman era and one of the busiest ports in Italy. Other highlights are: the Castle of Sa Paulaza and the Brandinchi cove.


Where to stay in Sardinia

On the northwest coast is Sassari, the second largest city to stay in Sardinia. Known for its fantastic architecture, Sassari is a stunning place, with a beautiful historic center, dominated by Piazza d’Italia and the Church of Santa Maria di Betlem. Those who stay in this city will find a very rich cultural offer.

Its streets are lined with small palaces, mainly on Calle de La Marmora; of particular note are the Rosello Fountain, one of the local icons, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Castle of Sassari, the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum and the Ducal Palace.

This town is located just over half an hour from the beaches of Stintino, Porto Ferro, Porto Palma and Argentiera.


Where to stay in Sardinia

Those looking for good value accommodation in Sardinia will find good options where to stay in Sardinia in the city of Alghero.

Located on the northwest coast, like Sassari, it is an ancient fishing village with a charming medieval historic center, surrounded by dream beaches such as Della Speranza and Lazaretto.

Among the historical attractions of Alghero are the incredible walls (you can climb them for beautiful views), the Church of Misericordia, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, built in the sixteenth century, and small streets of medieval stamp, such as Calle Doria and Calle Humberto.

Accommodation in Alghero is cheaper than Cagliari and good hotels can be found in the range of €80 per night.


Where to stay in Sardinia

Another recommended area to stay in Sardinia is the town of Orosei. To discover the beautiful beaches of the eastern part of Sardinia, nothing better than staying in this small town, which is connected to the island by a road.

Here you will find dreamy coves, such as Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala Luna or Cala Mariolu, as well as caves and natural pools of great beauty.

The prices of accommodation in Orosei tend to be higher and higher, but the magnificence of the place (within the Gennargentu National Park) is worth every euro.

Among the town’s attractions are the Church of Santa Maria De Mare, the Casa Soddu Museum and the beach of Marina di Orosei. In addition to enjoying the beaches, hiking trails are available in the incredible environment of the Orosei Nature Reserve.


Lying on the San Giusta Pond, also called the Golden Pond, is Oristano. This small town, in the west of the island, mixes very well its offer of historical heritage with a beautiful stretch of beaches (including Mari Ermi and Is Arutas). It is a very family-oriented area, ideal for those who want a quiet vacation.

Local attractions include the Tower of St. Christopher, the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Church of Santa Chiara. It should be noted that the prices of accommodation are quite affordable.

Porto Cervo

Where to stay in Sardinia

This city is located in the very heart of the Costa Smeralda, in the northeast of Sardinia. It is the most luxurious and exclusive area of the island, where the jet set chooses to spend its vacations every summer.

The prices of the accommodations are, consequently, the highest in Sardinia. Those staying in Porto Cervo, near the yacht club, will find a very charming promenade, perfect for shopping.

If you are looking for luxury and exclusivity, the town of Porto Cervo is the place to stay in Sardinia.


Where to stay in Sardinia

This is one of the most charming coastal towns to stay in Sardinia. It is located in the north of the island and has a beautiful 11th century castle, Castel Doria, perched on top of a hill.

Castelsardo is a fortified town, with colossal walls and towers, which surprises with its colorful houses and labyrinthine streets, where good restaurants and small stores abound. It is an ideal place to combine historical visits and spectacular beaches (those of Pedraladda, La Vignaccia and Lu Bagnu).

Porto Torres

Just 30 minutes from the paradisiacal beaches of the peninsula of Stintino, in the Gulf of Asinara, lies Porto Torres. It is an area where it is possible to find inexpensive accommodation.

Some of its places of interest are: the Basilica of San Gavino a Mare, the beaches of Balai, the Aragonese Tower and some ancient Roman baths.

Best hotels in Sardinia for less than 100€ per night

Vallicciola Nature Hotel

Preceded by the fame of its excellent ratings on Booking (9.2 points), this is one of the few four-star Sardinia accommodations that offer rates under 100€ per night and, at the same time, accredit such good reviews from their guests. The Valliciola Nature Hotel is located in the northern center of the island, in a beautiful rural area of mountains and forests.

This hotel is located in the Tempio Pausania area, 30 kilometers from Olbia and less than 50 kilometers from La Magdalena. Its rooms are very well equipped and the area is ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Its rate of 98€ per night includes a fantastic breakfast.


Located in the historic center of the town of Carloforte in southeastern Sardinia, this four-star hotel is ideal for those who want to combine city sightseeing with beaches of crystal-clear water and white sand. The Nichotel is located near the town’s central square, in an area with good restaurants, bars and stores.

The Nichotel has comfortable rooms with modern facilities. Some of them include a terrace with sea views. Half board is offered, available at one of the partner restaurants that are part of its hotel chain. The Nichotel’s rate is 99€ per night and its Booking ratings reach 9 points.

For all these reasons, the Nichotel is one of the recommended hotels to stay in Sardinia.

Hotel Maison Tresnuraghes

This three-star hotel, with very good Booking ratings (9.3), is located 5 km from the beach of Porto Alàbe, in northwestern Sardinia.

It offers elegant rooms set in renovated manor houses, overlooking the garden. Hotel Maison Tresnuraghes also features a solarium with sea views, free Wi-Fi, sun loungers and parasols. The rate is 74€ per night.

Lu’Hotel Porto Pino

Another interesting hotel to stay in Sardinia is the Lu’Hotel Porto Pino. This 4-star hotel faces an emerald green sea and overlooks the beautiful Golfo di Palmas and the smaller islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro.

The location of the Lu’Hotel Porto Pino is ideal for relaxing, in a sun and beach setting, with a beautiful swimming pool. Its rate is 77€ plus 2€ tax, and its ratings are around 8 points.

Best hotels in Sardinia for less than 200€ per night

Maria Calderina Green Village

Located in the countryside of Posada in eastern Sardinia, this four-star recommended place to stay in Sardinia offers rustic-style rooms and an outdoor swimming pool. It is just two kilometers from town and has a very good restaurant, where dishes are prepared with ingredients from the hotel’s farm and Sardinian wines.

Maria Calderina Green Village’s Booking ratings average 9.1 points. The rate is 175€ per night, including breakfast. It is worth noting that the property, which has spectacular views over the hills, is only a 5-minute drive from the best beaches of eastern Sardinia.

Hotel Monti di Mola

With 9-point ratings on Booking, the Monti Di Mola is located on the outskirts of Porto Cervo, amid lush Mediterranean gardens. This elegant hotel enjoys lovely views and some of its rooms have a furnished patio or a balcony.

Several famous nightclubs are located just 500 meters from the hotel, while the coastal area offers sailing, diving, tennis and horseback riding. Di Mola’s rate is 147€ per night, including taxes and charges.

L’Essenza Hotel

Located in the center of Olbia, 7 km from the Port of Olbia, 1.1 km from Olbia’s Archaeological Museum and 1.3 km from the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, this four-star hotel offers a common room and air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms. The rate is 160€ per night, plus 5€ for taxes and charges, with breakfast included. Booking ratings for L’Essenza Hotel average 9 points.

Hotel Villa Gustui Maris

Another spectacular hotel to stay in Cerdanya is the Villa Gustui Maris. This four-star hotel is located at the foot of Monte Irveri and overlooks the Gulf of Orosei, with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool and a traditional restaurant.

It is located 600 meters from the center of Cala Gonone and a 2-minute drive from the beach. The rooms are named after the most beautiful beaches of the region, such as Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé.

Most rooms have a balcony with panoramic views. A typical Italian breakfast is served daily at the pool bar, on the large outdoor terrace, where cocktails can also be consumed in the evening. Villa Gustui Maris’s rate is 199€ per night and its Booking ratings reach 9 points.


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